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Our Services

Initial consultation 

An initial consultation usually takes anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour. During the consultation a profile will be completed gathering medical information affect hair and scalp, genetics, hormonal influences, nutrition, blood testing (if required) a full microscopy of the scalp and analysis of results, progress images, diagnosis and a treatment plan.  

During the consultation patients will have ample time to ask any questions 

We advise to refrain from shampooing your hair for 24-48 hours before your appointment to help with diagnosis of some scalp conditions.    

Some underlying medical conditions may require further investigations as part of your consultation we will be able to send a referral letter to your GP to follow this up or we can order a private blood panel.  

With some conditions we may need to take samples for microscopic analysis or samples can be sent or for a hair mineral analysis.  

Once a diagnosis has been made the trichologist will give a range of options to manage or treat the condition. 

Review appointment

This appointment is used to see how the hair and scalp has changed over time. During the initial consultation imaging and microscopic analysis of the scalp can be reviewed. We will be able to see what treatments are working and if any changes need to be made to have the most beneficial effect. It's important that any new treatments are monitored to see if they are working it can be hard to tell day to day looking at your hair but by comparing imaging its clear to see what treatment is most effective.  

Clinical Hair and scalp treatment 

Some conditions may need a course of hair/scalp treatments, and these can be applied in the clinic to help to improve your condition.  Some of the treatments available in the clinic include;

  • Antipruritic (anti – itch) treatments  

  • Antifungal/antimicrobial scalp treatment  

  • Sebaceous gland rebalancing  

  • Stimulating scalp treatment  

  • Hair fibre reconstructor  

  • Scalp Mesotherapy  

  • Scalp Micro needling  

Blood Tests

Blood tests can be reviewed by our Trichologist for optimal hair health. GP’s review blood tests to average or ‘Normal’ levels. This means deficiencies can still be present affecting out hair growth cycle resulting in lower density, lower texture, thinning hair.  

Blood tests taken from the last 3-6 months can be reviewed, a GP referral letter can be sent to order blood tests if needed, or private blood tests can be organised in the clinic.    

Hair and scalp health check

Not sure if you are getting the most out of your hair? Is my hair normal? Think of this like an MOT for your scalp. This appointment lets a trichologist check your hair and scalp and your hair care routine along with any products to keep your hair in premium condition. The trichologist may be able to check for any conditions that may be underlying or advise of conditions and markers to check for.  

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